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Two important events happened within the last two months: 1) Our bot username was changed from MyPokerBot to PokerBot thanks to the Telegram team. 2) PokerBot now has over 120,000 registered users and over 25,000 monthly active users. 500 new users sign up each day. With this update we want to reach even more people. Starting today, you can simultaneously play poker at the unlimited number of poker tables in any Telegram chat!

Inline Poker Tables

We are introducing experimental inline poker games, using which you will be able to play poker in any personal or group chat.

Type @PokerBot in the text input field in any chat and choose Play in this chat option – a message with the poker table will be generated as a result. Other chat members should press Play button below the message, to join your table. Once there are at least two of you at the table, the game will start.

Start an inline poker table in any chat
Inline poker table created

Each time you make a turn, the message will be updated with the details about your action. Don’t forget to press the ENABLE NOTIFICATIONS button below the message, so that you would not miss your turn.

Please note that the inline tables are still an experimental feature and we welcome any feedback you can give us about it.

Blind Levels Increase

In private table creation dialog you can choose to have a table with the increasing blinds. If you enable this new setting, blinds will increase every 3 minutes, which will make your games even more dynamic and interesting. Do not worry, you will always be able to buy in, in case you loose your entire stack.

July 10, 2016
PokerBot Team

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