Telegram Bot API 2.0 Goodness

Good news! We have implemented Telegram Bot API 2.0 features. Lots of bot interface changes in this update.

Inline Action Keyboard

Action keyboard is now sent with the IT IS YOUR TURN message. Suggested Raise options have been reworked.

Inline action keyboard

No Nasty Stickers or GIFs

Your can now complain on the unwanted stickers and GIFs in chat at the table using inline button. You won't receive messages from the user that you have complained on.

Complain on hedgehog showing middle finger

Remind Your Friends to Play

You can remind all your referrals to play 5 deals, so that your could receive your reward by pressing one button. You will be able to send mass notifications once in 24 hours.

Remind inactive referrals to play 5 deals

Other Improvements

Your card combination is highlighted in the list of all combinations if you are at the table. Your cards are now shown to you in the results of the deal even if you folded.

Stay tuned for more PokerBot updates this summer!

June 13, 2016
PokerBot Team

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