Private Tables & Open Chats

We have updated PokerBot this week.

Private tables

You can now create private tables to play poker only with Telegram contacts you want to e.g. your friends, foes etc.

PokerBot Keyboard

When creating a private table you will be able to set:

  • Bet size (big blind)
  • Table size - 5 or 9 people at a table
  • Turn timer - varies from no timer at all to 24 hours
  • Text chat availability - you can enable or disable text messages at your private table.

Once private table is created invite your Telegram contacts via forwarding a message with a unique invitation link to them.

Text messages at public tables

We have enabled text messages at public tables. Previously, players were able to send only emojis and Telegram stickers to players, now they can send texts too. Certainly we don’t want this feature to be abused. That is why anyone can complain about messages they consider inappropriate. Once you complain about the message from a particular player you won’t see further messages from them. If a player receives multiple complaints they will be banned from sending messages of any kind for the rest of the day.

Any timer

We have added support of «any timer» setting. Public tables are created with either 15 or 30 seconds turn timer. By default, you are seated at a table with a 30 second turn timer. You can change this setting to 15 seconds and be seated only at the tables with the corresponding turn timer. Now if you change your timer setting to any timer, you’ll be seated at any available table (tables with 15 seconds turn timer will be given priority), which will increase the speed of finding an active table for you.

Official channel and group chat

We are now featuring 🏆Top Daily and Weekly Players in our official Telegram group chat, subscribe here: @PokerBotGroup. Update announcements are first published in our channel, subscribe here: @MyPoker.

New translation platform

We have migrated to a new translation platform, which is available via this link. PokerBot is available in numerous languages solely thanks to the help of our volunteers. If you’d like to help us translate PokerBot to the language you speak, register on our translation site and start translating.

November 27, 2015
PokerBot Team

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